Sustainable Icon

The Dutch "Windwheel" will be an example and accelerator for innovation, renewable energy and the circular and inclusive economy. It is the dynamic showcase for Dutch Design & Innovation and provides a continuous platform for demonstrating technical and technological innovations.


By constructing a building which is circular, sustainable and healthy, while achieving the highest energy-producing capacity possible, the initiators have the ambition of equipping the Dutch Windwheel with advanced technological solutions, some of which are in latter development stages. The development and implementation of these technologies within the design is being researched by an innovation consortium composed of Arup, the Royal BAM Group, Deltares, Dura Vermeer, ECN, Eneco, Evides, Siemens, SPIE and TNO. The goal of the consortium is to drastically improve the quality and sustainability of buildings through the use of climate architecture and advanced technology.


The Dutch "Windwheel" is the icon of the future. It has been designed for disassembling and re-use and will be built with materials from the Rotterdam region. The building itself needs to be entirely dynamic and upgradable after it has been built. It thereby sets a new standard for sustainable building and smart city development. A global icon for sustainability.