Unique Landmark

The Dutch "Windwheel" is an example of contemporary architecture. The state-of-the-art design consists of two three-dimensional rings with a light and open steel and glass construction. Because the foundation lies underwater, it looks as if Dutch "Windwheel" is floating. The unprecedented design also embraces maximum opportunities for experience design and energy production. It is a true showcase for climate architecture.


The double ring construction is not only an eye catcher, but also offers a diversity of functions. The outer ring houses 40 rotating capsules on a rail system (giant coaster); the inner ring is an innovative windmill housing a top class panorama restaurant, the sky lobby and hotel, apartments and properties for commercial use in the plinth.

The proposed location of the Dutch "Windwheel" is the international port of the city of Rotterdam. This modern, dynamic and international metropolis is the architectural capital of the Netherlands and continues to renew itself. It adds a unique landmark to the city, making the skyline even more spectacular.